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Shane Garcia

Lyrics - Project Coordination

Former mortician. Future children's book writer. 


Shane has always been enchanted by the creative process. He was taught from a young age the value of art as a form of expression, learning and growth and has fostered that in his own children. 


Much of the inspiration for Shane’s artistic endeavors comes from those he was exposed to and enjoyed in his youth. Dr. Suess, Edgar Allan Poe, Ed Emberly, Shel Silverstein, Bob Ross.


But it is others, who's names most wouldn't recognize that played the largest role in Shane’s creative drive.


An art teacher (D.S.) who allowed him to deviate from a given path in order to explore what was calling out to him and just create, create, create.


A director (G.C.) who demonstrated how to choose the key points to hit, be firm in your pursuit of achieving them, but allow yourself to be flexible with all else.


A headmaster (R.D.) who truly showed him that it is only when we are out of our comfort zone that we can ever really grow.


An acting instructor (B.O.) who's lessons were; to not be afraid; to be bold; to always have your performance (art) bring something to peoples lives; laughter, healing, closure, perspective. Something. 


His parents (G.G. & A.G.). Both artists in their own rite, they never stopped creating, never stopped experimenting and never stopped pursuing ways to make the impossible possible.

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