~Presented by The Krampus Collaborative~

During the Christmas season it is often mentioned that there is a list kept of all of the little boys and girls that have been good throughout the year. The children on this list will receive countless goodies and gifts come the morning of December 25th. What is not as widely discussed is that there is a list kept of the naughty children too. This list is maintained by a foul creature known as the Krampus.


“The Krampus Comes Tonight” by The Krampus Collaborative is a fun, new Christmas song about the traditional holiday figure that oversees this list of naughty children.


In addition to contributing to the excitement of the holiday season, a key part of our project is to encourage others to create and share their own works individually or collaboratively. Various source materials including audio recordings, sheet music and lyrics will be released under a Creative Commons License and at no charge, to give others the freedom to create and distribute their own works based on or incorporating “The Krampus Comes Tonight.”


The intention is to make “The Krampus Comes Tonight” as widely available as possible to everyone. Some platforms require monies to be charged for downloading content, others do not have such a requirement.  While some of these things are beyond our control source materials downloaded directly from our website will always remain free of charge.


“The Krampus Comes Tonight” is meant to be shared and enjoyed by all and we look forward to seeing the many different forms it will take as time goes on.


Happy Holidays,

The Krampus Collaborative

All Rights Reserved